Reliv Independent Distributor
Living life to the fullest!
As a wife, mom, grandmother and former flight attendant, I've always had a very active lifestyle! I never dreamed of having to retire early because of health issues. Early retirement at 50 found me falling apart...poor circulation and sleep, joint pain and migraines left me unable to do everyday tasks.  Other supplements that filled my cabinets gave little, if any results. Within the first week of consuming Reliv NOW and INNERGIZE I was sleeping better and had more energy; Adding Arthaffect/FibRestore in 30 days, I could get up and down stairs, wring out a washcloth and not have to nap during the day! Approaching age 60, I've never felt better and am grateful and excited to be living a full life.My Reliv business has enabled me to earn a steady stream of income from the comfort of my own home all around helping others achieve their dreams of better health, which leads to increased wealth! Better yet, I'm able to leave a legacy to my children through the power of residual income. I LOVE what I do and am excited to help you live your life to the fullest! Contact me today...I look forward to meeting you.